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Space division

At ExCeL we have many unique spaces to accommodate different event layouts. 

However, we know that some events are better suited to being hosted in one space that can be sub-divided.  We can provide two solutions to bring this to life using our knowledge and experience of working in our venue.


Our black drapes

We use high quality drape fabric to hide or divide spaces.  Using your floor-plan we calculate the amount of fabric required and suggest layouts that can be most easily accommodated by the rigging points.

In-hall theatre spaces

We provide total in-hall theatre spaces for a maximum of 4,000 people. Each space is designed based on the target audience numbers. The package includes floor to ceiling drape, seating, power, rigging and floor covering along with projection, sound, lighting and set and stage.



Contact the Space division team

For more information contact:

Koreen O’Malley
Head of Venue Solutions
+44 (0)20 7069 4400

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