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ExCeL London Hospitality introduces new Mindful Meeting packages

31 May 2019

ExCeL London Hospitality is proud to launch its new Mindful Meetings packages. The packages which include well-thought-out menus build on an understanding of health, wellbeing and the environment to be mindful of their guests and planet. This approach demonstrates there isn't one single answer to fuelling meetings.  



It seems simple, but to maintain brain and body function delegates need to remain hydrated throughout the day; embracing a nutritional diet is also central to being assertive. A lack of quality balanced fluids is a sure-fire way to experience fluctuating concentration levels and reduced productivity.

Understanding balanced nutrition doesn’t need to be as complicated as it can sometimes sound, our Mindful Meetings menus celebrate a plant first philosophy that uses food in its entirety, from root to shoot.  The hospitality packages remove unnecessary and hidden sugars and are created using the whole ingredient to reduce food waste and the impact on the environment. 

ExCeL London Hospitality’s new Mindful Meetings packages showcase seasonal vegetables and legumes as the star of the show, however they’ll still feature meat options and healthy treats. 



These menus look to reduce, but not eradicate red meat consumption. At an environmental level, the global food system is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases emitted and livestock equates to half of this. Studies have also found that high red meat consumption increases the rate of cancer, heart disease.

Subscribing to author Michael Pollan’s mantra that one should look to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”, ExCeL London Hospitality’s chefs have developed this thinking in a variety of ways, from the subtle placement of meat towards the back of displays, to using meat as a garnish to dress seasonal veg. 

The Mindful Meetings package is launching this summer at ExCeL London. By pairing this new considered approach to nutrition and the environment with the fantastic conferencing facilities ExCeL London Hospitality believe they can deliver truly energised days for their clients. 

*According to the most comprehensive analysis of the food system’s impact on the environment as published in the Journal Nature.

Sample Mindful Meetings DDR Package:

All-Day Hydration Station

Multiple flavour fruit infused water hydration station available throughout the day served from a static central location


Morning Arrival:

Fairtrade tea and Coffee served with homemade granola bars and whole seasonal fruit


Mid-Morning break:

Fairtrade tea and Coffee served with selection of mini muffins, granola bars and whole seasonal fruit


 Hot Lunch Buffet:

Smoked haddock and king prawn with red pepper and tomato

Espinacas con garbonazas (spinach and chickpeas)


Sprouting broccoli and barley

Orange miso roasted heritage carrots


Hasselback potatoes with rosemary and Maldon sea salt


Mayan chocolate tart (chocolate, chilli and cinnamon tart)

Papaya and apple terrine


Afternoon Break:

Fairtrade tea and coffee served with a Healthy pick’n’mix station and whole seasonal fruit

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