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The IAAPA show – the serious business of fun

24 September 2019

As we enter the busy, manic, stressful and ultimately rewarding autumn period in the exhibitions industry it is very easy to forget that whilst we all strive to deliver excellent returns for exhibitors, inspiring content and great customer experience, that we do this (in part) because we enjoy the thrill of live events. 

It struck me this week whilst visiting IAPPA Expo Europe in Paris that we sometimes forget to have fun in our busy working lives. This event is a  case in point.  It brings together the leisure and attractions industry from across the world to meet 15,000 developers, site owners and investors in theme parks, historic/cultural attractions, water parks, family entertainment centres, zoos and so many more. 

These are the purveyors of our non-working lives and agents of fun. It’s a multi-billion pound industry and this show demonstrates the vast scale of imagination, investment and technology that goes in to making our leisure time the best it can be.

Our industry works so hard to deliver this in each European city it visits – Amsterdam in 2018, Paris this year and London in 2020. I can’t think of any other form of media that would work as diligently to relocate on an annual basis an entire industry to a new city and venue. Each offers something unique and challenging so how we manage that really matters. 

The venue and destination relationship is key to offering the universe of a market place and a great experience in the short time they are with us. It may be a transient show for each city, but the memories of an engaging seminar, an unexpected business deal, of a spectacular evening or an extra few days taking in the sights will linger. That’s surely worth the effort. This is what makes the thrill of live events that bit more exhilarating. We’re looking forward to delivering the business of fun next year with all that entails.

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