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International Liver Congress™ 2022

Event overview

In June of 2022, EASL held its annual congress in London under the banner of “Savour science together again”. Invigorated with a new post-Covid energy, EASL is entering a new era of sustainability and long-term impact. In alignment with the Congress theme, the EASL team worked with ExCeL to ensure that the Congress events benefited the local community, as much as attending healthcare professionals.


Liver disease is becoming more common, yet 90% of cases are preventable. With healthier lifestyles and earlier detection, we can imagine transformational change for entire populations.  EASL’s goal is to facilitate that change.


Impact initiatives

The strategy was to enrich EASL’s relationship with the host city and leverage organisations such as the British Liver Trust that already exist in the city. EASL collaborated with ExCeL and Meet4Impact from the earliest stages of planning.  

During the Congress, representatives from EASL visited a local primary school to bring young people to the forefront of prevention and education. The goal was to teach students about the liver, how to keep it healthy and give them the knowledge to produce their own ‘liver health’ poster that would be shared at school and with their families. The goal was to empower these students to become their own local advocates for health – encouraging them to share their knowledge with others. They were invited to the opening ceremony at the Congress, to showcase their work, making them true agents of change and advocates for liver health. 



60 primary school pupils attended.


88% of pupils agree that taking care of the liver is important.


75% of pupils mentioned exercise as being beneficial for liver health.


93% of pupils correctly explained the function of the liver.

The British Liver Trust encourages more adoption of liver scanning amongst the general public. They brought their mobile unit with a fibroscan screening device to the event and we invited delegates and ExCeL staff to have their livers screened.  Discreet consultations were given based on their results. 

Everyone at the event, including the ExCeL team were given the chance to have personal screenings and consultations.  Thus opened the floor for participants to have meaningful conversations about liver health, stigma, and demystifying the process and anxiety of finding out about personal health.


159 people had their liver scanned.


6 people were referred for further testing.


96% of people went home knowing their livers are healthy.


4% of people were given the opportunity to address their liver health.

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