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Audio visual

Experience the power of a strong and collaborative audio visual partnership, providing you with the ideal platform to amplify your ideas and captivate audiences of any size.



Speak with one of our experts.


Our team will design your AV system, set and stage and package it up in a proposal complete with itemised costs, visuals and floor plans if appropriate.

Site Visit 

Lets walk through your spaces and refine the details.


We introduce you to your dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact throughout.


Our teams will build, operate and de-rig all departments with the outstanding execution you’d expect from ExCeL’s preferred AV supplier.


Your feedback is important to us, let’s talk through the successes and learnings over a coffee.

Anna Valley offers an unparalleled audio visual experience with an expert team and top-of-the-line equipment located on-site at ExCeL, providing dedicated project management for all aspects of your event, from initial inquiry through to the debrief. Anna Valley’s highly skilled Project Managers offer personalised support by overseeing every aspect of your event’s audio visual needs, including management of video, sound, lighting, and scenic elements, simplifying the process with a single point of contact, and seamlessly integrating with the ExCeL team to deliver you a thoughtfully curated bespoke experience. 

With over 30 years of global event and conference expertise, Anna Valley’s team will provide you with intimate knowledge of the venue space, expert advice and guidance, and unique access to venue spaces, ensuring your event’s success with complete peace of mind.




Take a look through Anna Valley's
brochure to find out more.


The benefits of working with Anna Valley

Working with Anna Valley provides a number of unique
advantages for event organisers holding events at ExCeL

The only AV provider that can offer
extended and out-of-hours access

Anna Valley have been chosen following ExCeL's rigorous partner selection process

Anna Valley is part of the ExCeL team

Unique access to and very familiar with the venue

Offices and storage facilities are on-site
providing easy access and instant response

“The Anna Valley team have always been creative and thrown themselves at anything we come up with. They're one of the biggest and best providers in the industry and they're professionals in the video world.”

James Johnson, PDS Director for Lush Annual Summit

“Because so much money was at stake we had to examine, question and back up everything in enormous detail and the preproduction process was really in-depth. Anna Valley were excellent in answering the questions, working through problems, identifying where there might be potential issues and overcoming them - and doing it effortlessly.”

Jamie Simon, Director and Head of Events for Banana Split, Goodings hybrid events

Your event manager will guide and support you, developing the specification of services, ensuring best value to deliver the best possible experience for your delegates and visitors, sponsors and exhibitors.


Anna Valley are committed to reducing
their impact on the environment

Supply Chain travel emissions

Anna Valley has a local workshop and warehouse to maintain technical equipment which would otherwise be sent abroad for repairs, significantly reducing supply chain emissions. Most equipment has a long-term shelf life with recycling opportunities with manufacturers.


Sustainable solutions

Anna Valley offer recyclable scenic printed backdrop wraps, which are made out of recycled plastic bottles, and reduce waste through their reusable, modular aluminium set frames.

All lighting supplied by Anna Valley is LED and bulb waste is eliminated through their use of laser projectors.


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