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Sustainable food choices

Food is at the heart of events at ExCeL, providing guests with nutritious, locally sourced produce and a wide variety of choice.

What we eat and where it comes from is a key consideration for most people. We work closely with ExCeL London Hospitality to continuously improve the nutritional value of our offering, whilst reducing the environmental impact.

Reducing red meat 

We no longer promote red meat on our hospitality menus, as we strive to reduce red meat consumption by 50% by the end of 2020. 25% of our menus are already plant-based, vegan or vegetarian.

British seasonal fruit and vegetables

Our hospitality menus use a minimum of 80% British seasonal fruit and vegetables. We don’t use any produce transported by aircraft.


Coffee grounds to fertiliser  

We keep used coffee grounds and add them to our compost pile, to create fertiliser for ExCeL’s green spaces.



Vegetable oil to biofuel

Used vegetable oil is collected from our kitchens and converted to biofuel.


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