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IT and internet connectivity

Technology has always been an integral part of ExCeL London.

We have a vast and resilient network infrastructure capable of handling the most complex events.

The continued investment in our IT infrastructure, is part and parcel of our drive to continually improve our guest, exhibitor and organiser experience.


Cat 5e cabling connectivity is available anywhere in the venue.  Floor boxes with two ports run every three metres down the venue horizontally and every four metres across the venue halls. The horizontal ports are connected by a channel to increase capacity if required. 

Exhibitors can access our wi-fi network or arrange for a hard-wired Internet connection.


Each floor box port links to a SERs (small equipment room’s) no more than 100m away to ensure robust connections. The SERs in turn connect to MERs (main equipment room’s) to fully redundant VSS core switches. Each MER hosts an internet router that are connected two separate ISP sites.


Multiple uplinks to the internet block provide resilient, secured internet solutions across the site.  Each SER and MER has power that is fully backed up via UPS and a backup power supply from a separate source to the primary. The SERs and MERs are in secure areas across the site only accessible by vetted members of the IT team. Each MER is fully air-conditioned. Our full-time engineers undertake a robust planned preventative maintenance regime to ensure continuity of service.

The ExCeL London team undertakes regular penetration test to ensure the security of the network.  We can accommodate an organiser’s core in to one of our MERs, creating a new network bespoke for that event.


ExCeL London has a team of engineers who are Cisco certified and a team for running and connecting cabling.

For more information download our IT vital stats brochure here:




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