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Working together to deliver great guest experiences

Welcome to ExCeL London.
This page outlines the way we like to work and what being part of the ExCeL team really means…

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Our vision

To be the home of world leading events

Everyone should set themselves a target. At ExCeL London, our vision is to be the home of world leading events. We want the very best events in the world to find a home at ExCeL, from global brand showcases and exhibitions to international association meetings, and everything in between.

Our purpose

Working together every day to deliver great guest experiences

Everyone at ExCeL is united by a common purpose. It’s why we’re here. It’s what drives us to do our best every day, working together to deliver the best experience for everyone who comes to our venue.

Our promise

We take every event to heart

Whatever the ambition, we genuinely care about what our clients do and are committed to helping them achieve great things. We work closely with them to understand the right opportunities for growth and use our knowledge and expertise to help events at ExCeL thrive.

We communicate openly

At ExCeL we believe that talking to each other usually gets the best result, so prefer conversations to email.

We talk to each other, we are honest, open and don’t shy away from giving feedback. Communication flows freely across the company and what we hear is consistent. Our Exec team are approachable and keen to listen.

We are one team

At ExCeL we work towards shared goals and can see the part that everyone plays in achieving them. We support each other and know we achieve more together than on our own.

Our teams work hand in hand to deliver great experiences. We go out of our way to help others. This is what enables us to deliver on our promise.

We value, respect and understand each other

At ExCeL we treat everyone with respect. We make the time to get to know and understand each other. We ask questions, listen and don’t jump to conclusions.

We show that we value and respect each other through what we say and do. This doesn’t differ because of hierarchy or department. We all play our part in creating a diverse and inclusive place to work, where people can be themselves.

We take pride in what we do

We care deeply about delivering great experiences for everyone — and it shows in the feedback we get. We take every event to heart.

We put ourselves in our guests’ shoes, understanding their needs, and we care about the detail because we know it makes a difference. We are proud of our achievements and showcase our success.

We are trusted to make decisions

We have a fantastic team of people, we trust each person to do their job. We are clear about how decisions are made. We don’t get every decision right, but when we do make mistakes we focus on finding a solution and on what we can learn.

Managers at ExCeL aim to empower people to deliver to the best of their ability and help them continually grow and develop.

We innovate for tomorrow and the future

Finding ways to innovate is part of everybody’s role at ExCeL. We’ve been incredibly successful but know that if we want to be great we will need to evolve.

We proactively seek out ways to improve and enhance the experience for everyone. We are open to new ways of doing things.

Emily Morrison

Marketing Manager, Exhibitions

Started at ExCeL: December 2013

Background: I graduated university and then worked across a variety of industry sectors, including property, automotive and education, but always in marketing. I was brand new to the events industry when I joined ExCeL.

Brief outline of your role: I started as a Marketing Executive, focusing on the Conference & Events side of the business. I was promoted to a Senior Marketing Executive and am now Marketing Manager for Exhibitions, working with our Exhibition sales team to provide strategic marketing and communications. With London as backdrop, I have access to great content and can promote a very interesting story.  I also work across all the exhibitions we welcome, from World Travel Market to ComicCon and everything in between!

ExCeL highlight: When we last welcomed the European Society of Cardiology to ExCeL, I managed an event for all key stakeholders and sponsors, to showcase London. This included a cruise down The Thames, a private flight on the London Eye and dinner on the Cutty Sark. 

Fun fact: Through an organisation called I2I, I went to Sri Lanka to teach English and sport to orphan children.

Kisangal Tamuyeye

Cleaning Supervisor

Started at ExCeL: October 2000

Background: Before I joined the team at ExCeL, I was working at The Millennium Dome, now The O2, as a Cleaning Supervisor. I saw the construction of ExCeL from across the water and decided to apply for a new job at the venue - the rest is history!

Brief outline of your role: I manage a small team and my primary area of responsibility is cleaning our boulevard, which runs 600m from one end of the venue to the other. It’s home to over 20 retail units is a central hub for everyone who comes to ExCeL, with facilities including cloakrooms, toilets and cash points. We work to a plan but also need to react to things as they happen, ensuring that we deliver the best experience for our guests.

ExCeL highlight: ExCeL welcomes over 4 million people every year, from every corner of the globe. My highlight is having the opportunity to meet so many people, from different countries, organisations and walks of life.

Fun fact: I was on duty during the G20 London Summit in 2009. The event welcomed world leaders and Heads of State and marked the first official overseas visit of the newly elected US President, Barack Obama.

Katy Gough

Account Manager

Started at ExCeL: April 2008

Background: I started my role in sales support, assisting the sales team with contracts and bid documents. This gave me a taste for selling and I was able to move quickly in to an Account Executive role. Having cut my teeth selling to the Public Sector, I am now an Account Manager working with high profile corporate brands.

Brief outline of your role: To ensure our brand and event spaces remain front of mind amongst our third-party agency and corporate clients. This ensures I am able to attract a variety of events to our venue such as product launches, company conferences and B2B events.

ExCeL highlight: Attracting a high-profile launch event for Jaguar Land Rover. Our blank canvas space enabled them to produce an amazing event experience, including a record breaking barrel roll in our Event Halls. This was picked up by the local and national media and recorded by the Guinness Book of Records!

Fun fact: In my spare time I am a passionate baker and I love making cakes for my colleagues’ birthdays. I was able to blend this love of baking in to my work and launched our ‘Great Agency Bake Off’ in 2015, which has now become a well-loved annual event and a great way to spend time with my clients.

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