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Build & breakdown at ExCeL

Exhibitor FAQs

Where do I go when I arrive at the venue?

When building up for an event at ExCeL, exhibitor vehicles should enter the site from the east and park in the traffic marshalling yard. Please report to the ExCeL Traffic office, located on Sandstone Lane, E16 1DR.

How do I get a Lorry Access Document (LAD)?

To access the north or south lorry way into the ExCeL halls, you will need to obtain a Lorry Access Document (LAD) from the traffic office. This document will ask you for information on the event/stand name, vehicle drivers name and onsite contact number and vehicle registration. It will also let you know the maximum amount of time that you will have to unload/load. The LAD must be displayed within your vehicle at all times.

What happens once I have my LAD?

Upon return to your vehicle, you will proceed to the traffic marshalling area where we will let you know which lane you should join to get on the lorry ways. When room becomes available on the appropriate lorry way, please follow the directions of the traffic marshals who will show you the way up the ramps and to the event hall doors. While the vehicle is stationary, please switch off your engine.

Where do I park on the lorry way?

You will be guided by the traffic marshalls.

How long will I have to load and unload on the lorry way?

Cars: Up to 15 mins

Transit sized vehicles: Up to 45 mins

Vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes: Up to 60 mins

Articulated vehicles: Up to 90 mins

What happens if I exceed my allotted time on the lorry way?

Please speak to the traffic marshal who will be able to advise. 

Are the lorry ways open 24 hours?

Please note that to minimise noise for our neighbours, we observe a curfew from 23:00pm until 05:00am.

How much is parking when the event is open?

Parking for cars and transits up to 3.5 tonnes is £25 for 24 hours, available using pay and display. Parking for commercial vehicles (those up to 2.8m high) costs £30 for 24-hours. Parking for lorries which weigh 3.5 tons and over is £35 for 24 hours, available using pay and display. Please note the Orange car park only permit vehicles up to a maximum of 1.9 metres height. 

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